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Wagon Wheel Pen Design

In construction, the nice thing about using a wagon wheel pen design is not only that you can add on additional pens as needed; you save money by only having to run water and electricity to one area.

In our original plan, we started with nine pens.  The roof arcing around the pens is actually mounted on the fence posts.  We used straw bales and tarps to provide wind breaks and shelter for the emus.  The feeders were mounted directly onto the chain link fence. 


We later replaced this first shelter roof with a center hub roof.  It extends 10 feet into each pen and provides us some protection from the elements as we feed or gather eggs.  There is also some storage in the center. 

We still use straw bales and tarps to provide wind breaks.  The peaked roof stores a canoe and houses barn swallows in the spring and summer.  Extra straw bales are stacked on top of a metal storage unit.  To the right you can see the hose stretching up to the overhead watering system. 

The watering system just uses garden hose with T's and drops to automatic watering systems which are hooked onto troughs in each pen.  During the summer we leave the hose hooked up and 'on', but during the winter we fill the watering troughs while we feed.  If you had 9 pens running side by side, you would probably use an average of 270 feet of PVC to run water to each pen.  We have used 90 feet of garden hose instead. 

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