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Recipes from the Kitchen At Red Oak Farm

Welcome to the "kitchen" at Red Oak Farm.  

If you are a vegetarian, you are in the wrong place.

This page dedicated to "Miss Billie"
5 Dec 1922 - 24 June 2008

Every recipe on these pages was created in "Miss Billie's Kitchen".  Many were adapted from old family recipes, others were created from scratch.  Some of these have been featured in Emu's Zine and some are in the Tennessee Emu Association's cookbook.  We plan on adding recipes as they are developed, so check back from time to time to see what's cooking!

Remember, emu is a heart healthy red meat.  It should be cooked with moist heat.  Because there is no fat, care must be taken not to over cook.


Emu should be cooked with moist heat.  Because there is no fat, care must be taken not to over cook.

For cooking a roast, we recommend wrapping the roast in aluminum foil, adding 1/2 cup of water or beef broth and then cooking as you would a lean beef roast.

For Broiling a steak, move the broiler rack down one notch from where you would broil your beef.

Turn your steak quicker than you would turn a beef steak. The rare to medium range is best for Emu.

Chopped or ground Emu will cook faster than beef. It contains very little fat which requires this meat to be cooked at very low temperatures. Shrinkage should be minimal due to the low fat content and slow cooking.

Caution should be used when cooking with a microwave oven, use a setting and less time because a minute can ruin a good piece of meat. It will be necessary for some experimentation to get good results.

Remember: To reach the same cooking level as beef (rare to medium), use less heat!

You may substitute ostrich, rhea, veal, venison or (in some cases) rabbit for emu in these recipes.   Because we farm process, we cannot sell emu meat for human consumption.  However, we do know farmers that do have USDA or state inspected meat, so please email us at myrac @ redoakfarm.com if you need help finding this wonderful heart healthy red meat!

Recipes calling for ground emu Recipes calling for steaks or roasts
  Al's Main Dish
Beans 'N Brats Apple Stuffed Emu Fan Steak
Corny Emu Casserole Apricot Glazed Emu Steaks with Wild Rice Dressing
Creamy Emu Casserole Apricot Glazed Emu Kabobs
Doritos Pie Baked Emu Stew
Emeu haricot vert de champignon sauce Blue 'Mu Salad
Emu Balls Emu Au Vin
Emu Stuffed Baked Potatoes Emu Claw Stew
Fancy Emu Casserole Emu Fan Steaks With Gorgonzola and Walnut Stuffing
Heart Healthy Meatloaf Emu Farmers Stew
Hearth Healthy Tamale Pie Emu Green Pepper Steak
  Emu in Mustard Sauce
Noodle Casserole Emu Onion Casserole
Porcupine Balls Emu Pot Pie
Red Oak Emu Chili Emu Scaloppini With Mushroom Sauce
Red Oak "Doves" Emu Valencia
Red Oak Rarebit Ginger Emu Stir-Fry
  Gingered Stir-Fry
Squashed Emu Casserole Grilled Sesame Ginger Emu Steak
Spicy Emu Pockets Maple Glazed Emu Steaks
  Piperade with Emu
Summer Sausage Salad Rebel Yell
  Savory Soup
  Slow Baked Emu Flank Steaks
Stuffed Green Peppers Smothered Emu
Stuffed Zucchini Sunshine Emu Stir Fry
Winter Rich Soup Swiss Emu Rolls
Wisconsin Cheese and Brat Fondue Veggie Pockets

Roast Recipes:  I don't recommend roasting without a cover - emu will dry out very quickly because it has no fat.  Try these heart healthy recipes.


Emu eggs can be scrambled and served for breakfast just like chicken eggs.  They are a little lighter and fluffier when scrambled.  We blow out our eggs, scramble them and freeze in ice cube trays.  Then pop the cubes out and store frozen in gallon zip lock bags.  One cube is equal to a medium sized chicken egg.  No, we have never tried frying one - don't have a spatula large enough to turn it!

Emu eggs are available in season in some specialty markets or from your local emu farm!






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