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Raw Emu Skeletons

Dromaius Novaehollandiae

Where not prohibited by law, we do offer raw emu (Dromaius Novaehollandiae) skeletons.  As we have retired from emu farming, our skeleton stock is limited.  If you are looking for something specific, email and we will see if it is available.  Email myrac @ redoakfarm.com for more information. 

All skeletons must be ordered prior to our processing birds.  We do not keep skeletons in stock. 

Most of the photos on this page are of cleaned bones.

The bones are not broken, cut or sawed.

Torso and ilium intact and attached.  Most of the meat is removed, but enough tissue is left to keep the bones together.

Neck and head intact and attached.  The head is not skinned, the eyes and brain are intact.  We do remove as much meat from the neck as we can, but must stress that we do not remove all the meat.

Wings are removed and packaged with the neck and head. We try to remove as much of the skin and fat as possible from these tiny bones.  Wing claws are not guaranteed, but the phalanges will be intact.


Legs are separated from the ilium, as much meat as possible is removed, but the legskin is left on the Tarsometatarsus (aka metatarsus) and toes.  Claws are not removed from the toe phalanges, but we do not guarantee that all of them will be perfect.

The legs are folded and placed inside the torso, along with the bag containing the wings, neck and head.  The raw skeleton is then frozen.

We ship frozen raw emu skeletons on Mondays after payment is received.  Shipment is via Priority Mail unless the customer has other shipping arrangements.

$135.00 plus shipping.  If ordering more than 5, the price drops to $125.00 each.

Ostrich and rhea skeletons are prepared as outlined above.  Goat skeletons are bagged with head still attached and the forelegs inside the torso.  All skeletons are frozen. 

All skeletons must be pre-ordered and time allowed for processing.

Raw Emu Skulls - $25.00 each
Raw Emu Tarsometatarsus (aka metatarsus) are sometimes available, email for availability.

myrac @ redoakfarm.com


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