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Red Oak Farm
3040 Big Buck Road
Trezevant, TN 38258

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Red Oak Farm
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Fluffy, one of the emus owned by Allen & Myra Charleston at Red Oak Farm



Prices on this page do not reflect transportation.  Due to the current market needs within the United States, we are currently not shipping livestock outside the United States.  However, we do have other contacts within the U. S. and are willing to put you in contact with them if you wish to email us.

Prices are for each unless otherwise stated and are subject both to availability and change without notice.

Note:  Chicks must be ordered ahead of breeding season.  

Chicks - straight run, just hatched - 3 days.  $75.00

Chicks - sexed and tagged, just hatched - 3 days $100.00 

Chicks - from 4 days to 3 months - straight run $150.00

Breeding Stock Prices

Yearlings (11 - 18 months) straight run $250.00. 

Yearlings, sexed, unpaired $275.00 male, $300.00 female

Proven breeder     $350.00 - $550.00 (check for availability)

Paired breeders     $1000.00 pair  (starting price)


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