Emu injured when frightened by crop duster diving on pens

This female tried to leave her pen when a crop duster dive bombed the breeder pens.   While they were all upset, she was the only serious injury.  We did have the vet come out to stitch her up.  She and her mate never did get back together and we had to separate them.   They did fine with new mates. 

Our neighbor had hired this particular crop duster to spray the field across the lane from our emu pens.  In the past this pilot has turned around over the pens and frightened the birds.  We complained and were assured by our neighbor that he would talk to the pilot and it would not happen again.  I'm sure that the pilot did not dive on the pens out of meanness; rather, out of stupidity - he didn't know that our neighbor also rents part of our land or that his actions would cost him future flying jobs.