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Red Oak Farm Emu Test Answers

1.  On what continent did emus originate?
B.  Australia       

2.  How tall will an adult emu be?
C.  5 1/2 to 6 feet

3.  What color are emu chicks?
C.  Striped

4.  What color are emu eggs?
B.  Dark Green

5.  Emus are members of the Ratite family of birds.  Which of the following birds are NOT ratites?
C.  Penguin and Roadrunner

6.  How many toes does an emu have on each foot?
C.  Three

7.  Can an emu fly?
B.  No

8.  Who hatches the eggs, the Momma emu or the Poppa emu?
B.  The Poppa Emu sits on the eggs and hatches the babies.

9.  How are emu feathers unusual?
B.  They are double plumed.

10.  When an emu chick gets to 4 months old, he has lost his baby feathers and is changed color.  What color is he?
B.  Chocolate Brown

Each right answer is worth 10 points.  What was your score?

0 -20    You get a peck on the head for not studying!

30-60    Maybe you should consider raising chickens instead........

70-90  Very Good, an emu farmer at heart!

100  Excellent! Definitely emu farmer material!    

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