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Emu Meat

Due to our age and health, we are no longer raising emu.  We are leaving this page up simply so people can see what the product should look like. 

Raw feeders or persons looking for USDA or State Inspected meat, should contact the American Emu Association.  www.aea-emu.org 

For Raw Feeders:

Bird in a Box:  No longer available.  Between 43 to 50 pounds of meat and bone, depending on the bird.  We donít send the ilium (pelvic bone) or metatarsus unless requested Ė but we donít ask for extra for them either.  The customer is paying for shipping, so it is up to them.  Neither of these bones have much meat on them and may be a tooth hazard.

You get:




Meaty, similar to oxtail
Usually cut into 2 pieces,
can be cut into as many as 6

throat cartilage

Emu Ribs
We saw down
the backbone
 and split each side
 so there are two sections.

Two Wings

Emu Femur

Emu Tibia  

Emu "Paws"






















Leg Notes

Please look at the photo above.  The two bones that have meat are the femur (short bone) and the tibia.  The metatarsus is the one covered with skin.  Unless you request the whole leg, as is, what we do is separate the femur and tibia, saw off the metatarsus and provide you with two meaty bones (as shown in the table above).  Emu Paws - we saw off the foot and include that unless you do not want them. 

Shipping Information:

We ship the frozen meat on Monday via USPS and wait until late in the day before shipping.  Priority mail usually gets there in 2 to 3 days.  You do have the option of overnight delivery. 

We do take PayPal or checks. 


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