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Emu Feathers from Red Oak Farm


Emu feathers are distinctive in that they have a double plume from a single shaft. They are suitable for use in craft projects, fishing lures, jewelry, the fashion industry.    

Feathers from  Dromaius Novaehollandiae (emu) range greatly in size and texture.   The smallest emu feather may only be an inch long and very soft while the longest feathers are 18 inches or more and feel like straw.  

The feathers we offer are clean, natural feathers.  They can be dyed.  

We offer wholesale pricing for emu feathers by the pound.  

Emu Body Feathers:  $27.00 per pound.  These soft feathers will range in size from 1" and up.  We cannot guarantee the percentage of any particular size feather in any batch.

Emu Tail Feathers: $35.00 per pound.  These are the straw-like feathers found on the emu.  There are only about 1.5 to 2 ounces of these popular feathers on any given bird.  Please email for availability. 

United States Shipping Charges:  For shipments within the United States, we use Priority Mail.

International Shipping Charges:  For shipments outside the United States, we use DHL.  Please be advised that in order to ship outside the United States we must have an export license from U. S. Fish and Wildlife.  All shipments must be cleared through them and there is an export charge for each shipment.  We can provide Certificates of Origin and Premises ID.




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