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Abnormal Emu Eggs

Occasionally an abnormal egg will pop up (or out).  An occasional abnormal egg is not something to worry about, especially in first year layers, but if the problem persists, there is probably a nutrition problem.  For more information on this, we recommend Marie Minnaar's The Emu Farmer's Handbook, Vol. 1 & 2.

Below are some examples of abnormal eggs.

This teal emu egg did not get the final dark coat when the hen layed it.

The turquoise egg shown here did not get the final dark layer of color when it was laid.

Dubbed volcano eggs by egg artist, these emu eggs have gotten a second coat of grayish white shell over their dark shell
This "Volcano Egg" got extra layers of white color.
This is a normal sized emu egg and a double yolk emu egg.Shown here are two emu eggs, one is normal, the other is a double yolk egg.  Double yolk eggs can hatch twins, but they can also have great difficulty in hatching.  Most double yolked eggs are laid by first year layers whose hormone levels have not stabilized. This tiny, malformed emu egg would never hatch.

On the other end of the spectrum is the very tiny egg.  Shown here next to a normal sized egg, the tiny egg may be fertile, but the chick would be extremely small.

Abnormal eggs do not hatch well, if they are fertile.  For that reason we blow them out and sell them to egg artists or egg collectors who are looking for something a bit unusual. 


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