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The Egg Basket

Welcome to the Egg Basket at Red Oak Farm where we specialize in beautiful hand carved emu eggs.

Beneath the dark avocado like exterior of the egg lies as many as seven layers of green, teal or blue before reaching the white interior. On rare occasions, instead of a green or teal color, we may even find lavender!

Every egg is different. The outside texture of the egg varies from smooth to bumpy and ranges from dark green to black. Because of the colors and textures involved, every carved egg is different and unique.

Many of our designs are “basket style” and can be laid on its side in a basket or wooden bowl with plain eggs, pine cones, nuts, etc. instead of displayed in the more conventional fashion. These carved eggs add texture and variety to a display and are priced so you can afford several different designs for your decorating needs.

Also available are silhouette style eggs that are usually displayed in conventional egg holders or as hanging ornaments. 

Please click on pictures to view detailed description and order - or email for info.  information @ redoakfarm . com


 Basket Style Carved Emu Eggs


 Silhouette Style Carved Emu Eggs

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